This page features some of the questions most frequently asked to the Sorlini staff.

Which are the recommended lubricants?

The Austrian maker recommends a range of oil strictly depending on the type of fuel used. In any case, we recommend class API “SF”, “SG” or superior oil.

You can find the list of lubricants in SI-912-016.

In conjunction with Aeroshell, ROTAX developed the types of oils below:
– AEROSHELL SPORT PLUS 4 (For 4-stroke engines)
– AEROSHELL SPORT PLUS 2 (For 2-stroke engines)

How is the Rotax Warranty service organised?

Any user planning to join the Warranty programme must ensure to have sent the “Aircraft engine Registration Card” to Sorlini, fully filled out.
This guarantees a Warranty service cover for:

– 200 hours or 18 months, for non-certified 4-stroke engines
– 400 hours or 24 months, for certified 4-stroke engines
– 100 hours or 18 months, for certified 2-stroke engines

NB: for further information make reference to the Rotax Service Letter SL-912-012

Which is the Lycoming engines TBO?

The Lycoming engines TBO is listed, by model, in the latest edition of the Lycoming SI 1009 Service Instruction.

Which is the engine TBO and how are their extensions?

The engine TBO depends on the serial number of the engine, ranging from a minimum of 600 hours to a maximum of 2000 hours, the serial numbers of the various models of the motors and the respective TBO is indicated in the SB-912-057 and UL.
Table 1 of SB-912-057UL shows that as concerns these engines, the extension of the TBO is subject to the implementation of the service bulletin and instructions present in the service bulletin in question.
The implementation of all mentioned service bulletins determines the extension of the TBO. Furthermore, it is recommended to pay attention to the log book of the engine for further or supplementary information.
As regards scheduled maintenance operations instead, they are listed in the Maintenance Manuals of the respective models of the engines.


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